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Smile Amazon Program

We also participate in the program. This means that if you shop through the site, you can choose us as your charity, and whenever you do your regular shopping, we will receive .05% of each purchase you make through that site. (You’ll be able to see everything you normally see on Amazon, but if you use the regular site, it will not count for us.)

Guardian Angels works tirelessly to train service dogs for as many of the over 52 million people or approximately 20% of our population in the United States that are in need of a service dog. Your Donations help us to educate the public, purchase supplies, expand housing and train these amazing service dogs. Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs is making a difference by pairing these greatly needed service dogs with as many recipients as possible.

Thank you for making Guardian Angels, the veterans coming home from the wars and those that are mentally and/or physically disabled a part of your life.  General donations can be made by using the PayPal donate button below. All donations are tax deductible.


If you prefer to make your donation by directly to Guardian Angels please mail your check to:

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, 3251 NE 180th Ave., Williston, 32696